Askmebet Horse Betting – Is it Worth the Investment?

Askmebet (also known as Ask Player) is a new type of horse betting system that claims to be able to pick winners at Askmebet betfair. It’s been designed by Jonathan Burgess, a Betfair accredited trainer.

2 – Is It Really Worth The Investment?

Well worth the investment, but will it really work for everyone? I would say no, but if you have no money tied up it is a risk free way to get started.

3 – What Do You Get By Using It?

1 on Betfair and bookmakers, which is highly useful, and also the ability to make hand selection through a Askmebet deck of cards that you control yourself. Also the ability to see exactasolitude of any animal’s stats and identifiability.

4 – Drawbacks Of Using It

  1. It doesn’t work with all bookmakers and exchanges. It works best with the bigger ones who offer the best odds.
  2. Sets of selections do not form odds. Though odds may appear on betting exchanges, they are not really how the system works. The system is about predicting hand selection.
  3. You will get losers if you miss the hand. Though there are so many horse races these days, and there are usually a minimum of 2 selections in many of them, so it is possible to get both wins.

4.Tracking software may be required in some cases.

5 – Why Do People Use Percentages When Betting?

On some racing forums, you see percentages being talked about as an acceptable way to reduce the odds of favourites. However, statistics and bookmakers do not work in the same way. Bookmakers set the odds using a numerical figure and ratio to reduce the risk of backing a loser. The pounds held by the bookmakers on Askmebet your account cannot be used to reduce the odds. The magical answer to reduce the odds is to transfer it to another bookmaker at a short prices.

There are a number of forums, sites and resources that can provide you with a solution to this problem. One such site is [] which has several forums and stories from horse racing bettors who have been using odds relating to percentages and why they have a certain opinion on a race.

It should be noted that some people will say that certain horses are more likely to win than others. The majority of people on forums and sites are usually men. The betting is mainly done on betting exchanges where men play more of a betting role.

You may also notice that more men bet on horseracing than women. Men are like to get out and watch the races. On average they will have at least 3 race. Occasionally a man will bet in every race.

With that said, you can get a female trainer and get involved in the races as a backer or maybe a punter. The best thing to do is see how you tick, as you new to the races you will probably make a few mistakes. As women are not as competitive in such a man’s world, you may find betting on races less of a Women’s Askmebet Fairplay than a Football match.

So, somewhere between Friends and Families comes Betting Exchanges, Betting Halls and, most recently, the high street (or vice versa) in towns like Ealing, Bucks and Chester.

On the high street you will find:

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Tipster:The operations are carried out by:

A betting exchange

An off shore betting operation

A major bookmaker

A large offline bookmaker

A leading mobile phone betting

Internet betting

Online betting exchanges

Casino betting

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Small street

High street

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Subural betting

En prison




Interactive betting

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The odds have been greatly reduced Askmebet and will probably be standard in homes by the end of 2008.